Are you a wildlife professional; an intrepid adventurer; an armchair traveler; an
aspiring wildlife photographer; an Eco-activist; or simply someone seeking
inspiration from the world’s wild places? Are you passionate about our planet
and do you believe that we are all stakeholders in her future? If so, Safarious is
the online community for you.

  Safarious – the social network for adventurers – is an exciting interactive
community for all those interested in the world’s wild places. Joining many
social networks is a bit like presenting yourself on someone else’s stage – on
Safarious you blaze your own trail. We provide the tools, you engage to the
extent you choose, and the World’s wild places become your oyster. From the
fleetingly curious to the seriously committed, Safarious is your meeting place.
Whether you’re a safari rookie planning an adventurous vacation or a
passionate pioneer in search of something more exhilarating, Safarious is your
ultimate resource.  Connect with like-minded individuals, research a future trip,
share your story, start a discussion, lobby a cause, review your experience,
publish your photographs and videos….or adventure in spirit to any corner of
the world as you browse through our diverse and inspiring content. No matter
where you want to go, no matter how remote, you’ll be able to find someone on
Safarious who has been there, and done it!

  For the wilderness professional, Safarious delivers the tools to connect
researchers with funders, NGOs with donors, camps and guides with guests,
employers with employees. It enables sharing of knowledge; and sees the
initiation of many collaborations, projects, connections and friendships within
and beyond the global wilderness-centric community.

  Safarious is committed to the sustainable use and discovery of our world’s wild
places, and through using digital tools; we aim to unite the wildest people and
places on Earth, online. channels voices
and perspectives from all the world’s
wild places. It’s a campfire gathering
for adventurers and wilderness
professionals–and everyone who
wants to spend time with them.

– Keith Bellows
Editor in Chief National Geographic Traveler &
Vice President National Geographic Society

As an urban girl always dreaming
of the next exhilarating adventure, is one of my favorite
sites to visit for inspiration. I’ve
discovered new destinations,
enjoyed beautiful photography, and
connected with like-minded souls
from around the world.

– Susan Portnoy
Journalist, writer, and photographer
from New York

Love the direction you’re taking
Safarious and I’m excited to be on
the platform as you’re growing it!

– David Ulloa
Videographer, conservationist, educator, and
professional guide from Florida


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Your Profile & Biography

When you join Safarious, you’ll
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the entire industry.

Photos, Journals, Videos & More

Did you just go on an epic
adventure? Happen to catch a rare
sighting of a Black Rhino? This is
your place to show the world.

Public & Private Content

Want to share your work with select
individuals or the entire world?
You’re able to choose if the content
you produce is public or private.

Promote Yourself & Your Content

Promote Yourself

If you’re a wilderness professional,
what better place is there to
promote yourself than the
community for your peers and
potential customers?

Your Adventures

Looking for a place to share specific
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friends, family, or fellow Safarians?
Share your trip on Safarious, it’ll
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Are you an amazing photographer?
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We’re sure that you’re a social
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Have an important update that you
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Your adventure travel photo
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hard work into your images, don’t
you want a gallery that does them

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When it comes to stories about
wildlife and adventure, there isn’t a
better place to tell your story. With
attractive design layout options,
Safarious will make a great story
look even better.

Videos & Film

Who needs video sites aimed more
at funny videos when you can
upload your own videos to your
online community here on
Safarious? Integration with Youtube
and Vimeo makes it quick and easy.


Individual Member Profiles

Just because you’re a curious
explorer from Kansas doesn’t mean
you can’t have your own profile on
Safarious. Who knows, maybe you
will discover other individuals with
profiles from Kansas.

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Shortly after signing your business
up for a profile on Safarious, you’re
able to promote your products and
services to the fastest growing
online adventure travel community
on the web.

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Have a group of people interested
in bird watching? Are other social
sites just not doing it? Setup a
group profile and invite other
like-minded individuals to share and
post content under that profile.


See What's Hot!

All of the stories, videos, and
images that are contributed daily by
Safarious members have to go
somewhere. With Campfire it’s easy
to see what’s trending on Safarious.

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Curious how Safarious knows what
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See something you like? Stoke it!

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Have a story, video, or collection of
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From Conservation to Wildlife,
Products, and the places we all love
to explore, there’s a place for all of
us to ask questions, provide
answers, or share our thoughts.

Share What's On Your Mind

Is something on your mind? Have
you seen or read something you’d
like to talk about with the
community? You can start chatting
with like-minded peers right away.

Create a Discussion

Trying to find the best motorcycle to
cross Africa with? Looking for
information on a remote airport in
East Timor? Odds are that
someone on Safarious can help.



Even if you can’t make your favorite
events, you’ll be able to feel like
you’re there with the events section
on Safarious. You can follow
popular events or choose to post
your own in order to attract other

Jobs & Resumes

Obviously Safarious is the community
to join if you’re a wilderness
professional. It only seems natural
that you could also come here to
look for a job or even post one if
you’re looking to recruit other
professionals right?


Whether it’s a photography contest
or the search for the world’s best
travel writing, Safarious is your
depot for winning cool prizes and
trips of a lifetime. You can also start
your own contest on Safarious for
the entire community to participate.


Curious about hearing the real deal
about that lodge in Namibia? Want
to share and rate a recent
experience you’ve had with a
private guide? Use the experience
of the Safarious community to make
the right choice.

Products & Services

Not quite sure what boots to bring
along on your once-in-a-lifetime trip
or need help finding a tour operator
in Botswana? With industry-leading
outdoor professionals on Safarious
you’re sure to find the products and
services that work for you.

Travel Adventures & Trips

Safarious will soon be the place to
discover and promote those epic
adventures and trips from this side
of Timbuktu (and the other side
too). Make planning your next
adventure as a traveler or private
guide easier when using Safarious.


Every October and November, female elephant, Wonky Tusk and her baby Lord Wellington
casually saunter through the reception of Zambia's Mfuwe Lodge in the South Luangwa
National Park to reach their favorite wild mango tree on the front lawns.

For over 13 years, Andy Hogg, a Zambian who founded the Bushcamp Company and Mfuwe
Lodge, and his staff and guests have looked forward to the annual elephant walk – and he
recorded this magical encounter on video.  This video has now been seen and shared online
thousands of times.

The popularity of this video led Andy Hogg to envision a website to promote the entire world's
shared wildlife experiences and wilderness areas. Designed to show how man can live
harmoniously in the natural world, it would be a site that would be easy to use. Here, even an
armchair adventurer could participate in exciting expeditions worldwide. Andy called his
imagined site Safaritube and it was this that evolved to what is now Safarious.

Sitting around a campfire, where all good stories begin, Andy shared this vision with close
friend and safari guide Michael Lorentz. This conversation inspired a business.

Michael Lorentz is passionate about wildlife, the wilderness and elephants in particular.
Michael co-founded Passage to Africa, now one of Africa's leading safari design and private
guiding companies.

On a spectacular trans-Okavango safari in the early 2000's Michael got talking to guest, Clay
Knight. They both recall sitting on a termite mound and watching a herd of buffalo in the
distance as Clay tried to explain his work with Internet security. Michael commented that it was
enormously clever and completely incomprehensible in this new and foreign landscape of web
sites, code, hacking, start-ups and social media changing the world.

As it turned out, Clay's safari with Michael was, in Clay's words, the "trip of my lifetime,"
opening his eyes and heart to the wild world, fueling a great thirst for adventure, exotic culture,
a life well-lived and a passion for old Land Rovers. When Clay returned from that safari, his
software company was sold to Symantec and he moved to Dallas, where he started a new
company, Dib Creative, to build online businesses through innovative software and creative

Michael and Clay remained in contact and Michael knew that for his and Andy's concept to
have a chance of becoming a reality, Clay needed to join the team. Clay was perfectly poised
to help execute Andy's vision.

The result of this trans-continental partnership is Safarious – the one stop online platform to
make it easy for anyone who cares about wildlife and wild places, to find, share and experience
more amazing moments…. more Wonky Tusk and Wellington!


The Safarious team is comprised of a dynamic group of individuals covering both the
Serious (African safari and worldwide travel industry experts) and the Curious
(technology and online experts, and adventure travelers.) Together, they bring their
passions and business acumen to create the ultimate experience for each and every
Safarious user.
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