The Death of Majesty

Created by • Mark Thorpe
Curated Apr 15, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
Mark Thorpe has been diving for 20 odd years and is disgusted by the way our Oceans are being exploited. Much like the Iconic species of Africa hunted for their horn to cater to the Asian libido so are so many of the Oceans mega-fauna falling foul. Shark populations in particular are being decimated in the demand for their fins which form the component ingredient for Shark Fin Soup. This gelatinous and bland soup has zero aphrodisiac abilities, it's merely status...

Tweet, travel and blog with Getting Stamped

Created by • AcaciaAfrica
Curated Apr 14, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
Hannah and Adam Lukaszewicz, otherwise known as the Editors of Getting Stamped, will be heading overland on Acacia Africa's 43-day Kenya To Cape Town overland expedition. Nominated for a Bloggies Award in 2013 and with a following of over 4,000 fans on Facebook, the bloggers are adding Africa to their Round The World Travel trip. Follow them as they embark on their African Adventure!

Wild Gallery: Cat and Mouse

Created by • Gareth Carter
Curated Apr 14, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
Gareth Carter photographed a sequence of high action shots in which a Lion learns that maybe it's not a good idea to play cat and mouse with an easily irritable buffalo, especially when the buffalo is twice his size.

Diamond in the Rough

Created by • Michael Harlow
Curated Apr 14, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
Michael Harlow reasons with us as to why we should get into Scuba diving, not that we need reasoning with, but in case you were wondering, the reasons could be endless; whether you're looking to get some exercise in, or just want to experience the excitement of discovering the underwater world. Read about Michael's experiences in the ocean and be inspired to take the dive yourself!

Ker + Downey Africa Launches Pioneering Travel Website

Created by • Ker + Downey Africa
Curated Apr 14, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
A place filled with tradition, culture and heritage – Africa is always redesigning itself, and so are Ker+Downey Africa. With a pioneering new website and brand identity, Ker+Downey Africa are illuminating the wonder and diversity of the African continent and stimulating the imagination of those who travel there.

Wild Video: Into The Arctic

Created by • Marie @ Taraji Blue
Curated Apr 11, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
An entirely self-created film shot in September 2010 showing the outrageous and fantastic scenery and wildlife in the Arctic regions of Greenland and Spitsbergen.

The mimic Octopus: Master of Disguise

Created by • Sarah Jane Alger
Curated Apr 11, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
Different animal species have evolved a number of ways to hide in their environments. One of the most popular tactics is by camouflage, which is achieved by matching the background or by having patterns that break up the animal's outline. Others have evolved to resemble other species that are toxic or venomous in a technique called mimicry. Read more about a few amazing species that have been recently discovered to have the ability to alter their mimicry to actively imitate a range of species, depending on their circumstances.

Zimbabwe’s Presidential Elephants Embroiled in New Saga

Created by • Olifant
Curated Apr 10, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
Fresh concerns have been raised over the safety of Zimbabwe’s famous herd of Presidential Elephants after it has emerged that state land bordering on the Hwange National Park has been ‘acquired’ and closed off. Speculation is rife that it is to become a hunting concession thus putting the move in direct contradiction to a Presidential Decree that protects the elephants from such practices.

Wild Video: Leopard steals GoPro camera!

Created by • Adrian Bantich
Curated Apr 10, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
What would a leopard do with a GoPro? Well, watch this amusing footage and find out what happens when a leopard steals a GoPro!

Wild Gallery: Birth of a Springbok in the Kgalagadi Park

Created by • Les Crookes
Curated Apr 09, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
Incredible footage of the birth of a Springbok in the Kgalagadi Park by Safarian Les Crookes.

Why you should visit Zimbabwe on holiday!

Created by • Luke Brown
Curated Apr 09, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
Luke Brown gives us 7 Myth Busting Reasons why we should visit Zimbabwe on holiday. Zimbabwe’s tourism is on the rise and the country is at the beginning of a boom. Luke is determined to dispel any preconceptions about the country and put it on the top of holiday destination lists!

Wild Video: 11 Second Teleport

Created by • Mark Thorpe
Curated Apr 08, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
Mark has been quite over the last two months, he's in the middle of filming a documentary around Indonesia and seldom gets the luxury of a few minutes to himself. But recently he has had the opportunity to experiment with time lapse photography, and this is what he has come up with!

A Clash of the Big Toothed Beasts at Musango, Lake Kariba

Created by • Classic Safari Camps of Africa
Curated Apr 07, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
“The death of one is the triumph of another.” These words ring true when it comes to the ways of the wild, and nature is not always kind. On a recent safari in Africa, in Musango on Lake Kariba, Frances Jackson witnessed first hand just how harsh nature can be. Her tale spans over four days and stars some of the biggest names and reputations in the bush; lion, crocodile and hippo.

Wild Video: Cartwheeling Around the World

Created by • Steppes Travel
Curated Apr 07, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
In 2013 Steppes Travel went cartwheeling around the world, traveling further than ever to find the best destinations and experiences out there! Steppes Travel proudly boasts 18 Specialists in 48 Countries bringing you more destinations, more lodges, hotels, camps, boats, yurts and tepees in the hunt for the finest and most exotic retreats, the undiscovered hidden gems that go beyond the ordinary.

Lions - Origins Revealed

Created by • Michael Lorentz
Curated Apr 03, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
The origin and history of modern lions has finally recently been revealed in a genetic analysis completed with both living lions and museum specimens. Aren't you curious to find out what lies in their past?

Introducing the Latest BeetleCam!

Created by • Burrard-Lucas Photography
Curated Apr 03, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
Brought to you by the Burrard Lucas Brothers, the BeetleCam is an armoured remote-control buggy for your DSLR camera. Use it to safely position your camera in places where no human could go. Photograph predators from the perspective of their prey or elephants as they pass inches from the camera! Read more about it on Safarious.

Great Bear Rainforest 2013

Created by • Max Waugh
Curated Apr 03, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
Here are a few images Max Waugh's 2013 autumn tour to the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. There you can see three different types of bears (spirit, black and grizzly), as well as other magnificent sightings such as coastal wolves, whales and more! Max will be returning to lead tours in the region in 2015 and 2016, so contact him if you're interested in visiting this area!

Wild Video: A Debt of Courtesy

Created by • Chris Mercer
Curated Apr 03, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
In this heartfelt music video by Mrisho Mpoto, Africans are speaking out against the looting of their wildlife heritage. "It makes me want to cry, people value money more than the lives of other beings..."

New App for Kruger National Park

Created by • Derek Solomon
Curated Apr 02, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
A new app has just been released to help visitors navigate and identify wildlife sightings in Kruger National Park. Developed by Derek and Sarah Solomon, Lee Gutteridge and the Wild About Info team, the app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Sympathy for a Serpent

Created by • Mike Kendrick
Curated Apr 02, 2014 • by Clare Townsend
It is amazing how quickly actors on the stage of nature can change roles. Mike Kendrick came across this thrilling sighting in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, where a cobra was engaged in a heated confrontation with a slender mongoose. Read on to find out how the scenario played out.


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