Alan Smith

United Kingdom
I am a photographer and filmaker with an interest in wildlife and the environment. In 2015 I retired from teaching Physics and Science in a UK secondary school. Previously I was a Chief Picture Editor with BBC News. I am a founding trustee of a charity called Kisiizi Partners (UK registered charity number 1079118) which supports a hospital in south-west Uganda. Now that I am retired I am hoping to spend more time on travel and photography, both at home and abroad. I first visited Africa more than 30 years ago on my honeymoon (it was meant to be a once in a liftime trip to Kenya) and I have been going back ever since. I love travelling around Africa, especially when I get to meet local people living lives that are untainted by tourism. Kisiizi Partners provides a means to give something back to the continent that has given me so much pleasure over the years. From time to time I shoot videos for small charities and other organisations.

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