Eye-Level Experiences at Onguma’s Onkolo Hide

Classic Safari Africa / Published November 11, 2016 06:52 AM
What if we told you that you didn’t need to go on game drives to see wildlife? And that instead of spending hours looking for animals, you could wait for them to come to you?

It sounds almost too good to be true, however this is the reality for guests at Onguma Game Reserve. Relaxing in the comfort of the new ‘Onkolo Hide’ with a drink in hand, Onguma’s guests have been enjoying visits from an array of wildlife that frequent the watering hole.

The hide, which was officially opened in September, has been built so that the windows are at ground level which allows for a unique game viewing perspective that is perfect for photographers. In fact, recently, Onguma Game Reserve hosted professional photographer, Morgan Trimble from Photos&Africa, for a one month photographic residency. During her residency, Morgan spent time chatting with guests and staff about photography, photographing the lodge facilities, joining photographic drives, and most importantly, kicking off visits to the Onkolo Hide.

Morgan shares a little bit about what it was like to work in the hide:

“The benefit of the special photographic hide is that it’s recessed into the ground, so the windows are at ground level.

This means there is the opportunity to capture engaging animal portraits from their eye-level—something not easily achievable on a game drive. I’ve been spending at least four or five hours a day in the hide and really enjoying it. It’s almost difficult to take a bad photo from the hide! The photos I’ve taken so far of warthog, kudu, impala, wildebeest, zebra, jackal, duiker and many birds have been some of my best photos of those species ever.

Beyond amazing photo opportunities, just sitting in the hide is really something special. Seeing the world from the low perspective of many animals is an interesting experience.

How stressful it must be to constantly worry about lions and other predators, especially if you can barely see above the grass! Quietly sitting among the animals as they carry on with their daily activities is a very different experience from rushing from sighting to sighting on a game drive and is, perhaps, a more authentic look into the world of wildlife. If it weren’t for the great food the chefs prepare back at the lodge and the need to occasionally download memory cards and recharge batteries, I’d probably sit in the hide all day!

I thought I would have a lot of time to read and write while sitting in the hide, but I never make it further than a page or two before I’m tempted to pick up the camera or binoculars again!”

Read Megan’s full blog here: http://www.photosandafrica.com/blog/photographer-in-residence-at-onguma/

A little more about Onguma Game Reserves
Situated on 34 000 hectares of private wilderness on the eastern border of Etosha National Park , Onguma Game Reserve is one of Namibia’s best kept secrets. Consisting of five lodges and two fantastic camp sites, the reserve offers accommodation to suits every travellers whims and fancies. Onguma Game Reserve is home to an abundance of wildlife and during the summer months, the reserve’s birdlife booms and thousands of species migrate to the seasonal wetlands, making the area a bird-lover’s paradise. Combine that, and the variety of top-notch accommodation on offer, and it’s not hard to understand why the reserve is called Onguma, meaning ‘the place you never want to leave’.

Contact Onguma Game Reserve:
Web. www.onguma.com
Email. reservations@onguma.com
Tel. +264 61 237 055

Originally published on the Classic Safari Africa blog by Claire Birtwhistle.


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