Setting the Standard at Three Tree at Spioenkop

Classic Safari Africa / Published November 04, 2016 07:16 AM
“Tourism is regarded as a modern-day engine of growth and is one of the largest industries globally.” – SouthAfrica.Info

Tourism is a big deal in South Africa. And quite rightly so. Emerging from a dark history of oppression, the country is only twenty-two years into its new democracy and still struggling to right the wrongs of the past create equality among its people. With tourism currently supporting 1 in every 12 jobs in South Africa, the industry is playing a huge role in encouraging both economic and social development in the country.

Constantly seeking to promote South Africa as a destination of excellence, The Lilizela Tourism Awards recognises and awards the best of the best service providers and business operators in South Africa. The Provincial Awards Ceremonies recently took place in September and Three Trees at Spioenkop walked away with the Best Service Excellence Award in the 4 Star Lodge Category.

This is definitely an achievement worth boasting about as the awards were judged by a panel consisting of a combination of highly respected experts in the tourism industry. Along with their expertise, the judges also made use of the Tourism Analytics Programme; a platform that consolidates all consumer reviews for all properties that have an online presence. As the saying goes, “Customer is King” and reviews from past clients can make or break a business. Hillary recently travelled to Three Trees at Spioenkop with her boyfriend, Greg, and what she had to say about their trip is a shining example of the type of reviews that Three Trees receives all the time.

Here is an extract from Hillary’s blog about their stay at Three Trees:

Guests are encouraged to do as little or as much activity as they’d like during their stay. A chalkboard set against the verandah of the main lodge lists the activities organised over the next few days. Usually a morning and afternoon activity are part of the agenda, where you can get your hands dirty horseback riding, mountain biking, and tracking rhino on a game walk.

A swimming pool, viewing deck, and four road-mapped walking trails dot the property and can all be enjoyed at leisure throughout the day. We did two of the four; one which lined the fence of the game reserve and the other that led to the Spioenkop Dam.

The trails provided two contrasting views of the surrounding mountain scenery, although the carefree cows remained a common thread to both.

The highlight of our stay was the game walk with rhino tracking led by Cheryl, one of the lodge owners. She knew the Spioenkop Game Reserve like it was part of the lodge’s furniture.

Three Trees is seriously setting the standard for South African tourism.

A little more about Three Trees at Spioenkop
Overlooking the secluded Mfazimnyama Valley of the Spioenkop Game Reserve, set against the magnificent backdrop of the Drakensberg Mountains, this eco-friendly, luxury lodge offers superb hospitality, spectacular scenery and locally grown farm-style country food. Three Trees is owner-managed by Simon & Cheryl Blackburn and guests are welcomed to the lodge like long-lost friends. Boasting a four-star rating, Three Trees at Spioenkop is an intimate lodge and the ideal base when exploring the major Anglo-Boer War Battlefields in KwaZulu Natal.

Contact Three Trees at Spioenkop
Tel. +27 (0) 36 448 1171

Originally published on the Classic Safari Africa blog by Claire Birtwhistle.


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