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Wildlife Rangers - The Best and Worst Job in the World

Created by • Journeys Discovering Africa
Curated Jul 25, 2016 • by Safarious
Sitting behind a computer at a desk, it’s easy to glamourize the life of a ranger in our minds. Spending your days in the bush and experiencing wildlife encounters on a daily basis does sound pretty great! And while it definitely is a great way to spend your life, it’s also not all roses. Like any job, being a ranger comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Yanbaru, Forests of the North. - Ep.1

Created by • Mark Thorpe
Curated Jul 25, 2016 • by Safarious
Filming exclusively with an iPhone6S Plus and the odd cameo use of a GoProHero4 'Stunt Cam' for underwater and snake strike sequences Safarian Mark Thorpe recently headed to the forested Northern areas of the island of Okinawa in Japan.

Riding Wild in the Waterberg

Created by • Ant's Nest and Ant's Hill Bush Homes
Curated Jul 22, 2016 • by Safarious
Once a year at The Ant Collection, gallant riders from across the world gather to conduct a game census on horseback that is vital in order to understand what actions are necessary to achieve a balanced ecosystem in which wildlife can thrive. During the course of the week, participants also assist with the relocation of certain wild animals in order to establish new populations or to avoid culling.

Great Migration Update

Created by • Asilia Africa
Curated Jul 21, 2016 • by Safarious
Late last week we received reports from Rekero Camp safari guide Onesmus Irungu that the wildebeest herds were crossing the Mara River at the Lookout Hill crossing point.

No Sweat?

Created by • Dana Allen
Curated Jul 18, 2016 • by Safarious
I doubt it…Temperatures in the North look like they are headed for the hottest on record yet again. Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) on melting ice. Somewhere above the Arctic Circle, near Svalbard, Norway.

Guests get their hands dirty at the Ant Collection

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Jul 15, 2016 • by Safarious
The Ant Collection recently hosted their annual Game Census Safari and it was, once again, a roaring success! Traditionally, a game census is conducted by helicopter but The Ant Collection likes do things a little differently and prefer to use their trusty steeds. This is not only less disruptive to the wildlife, but also allows the guests to get involved and get their hands dirty. Guests who chose to participate were afforded various opportunities to help out, from game counting and darting, to capturing and relocating wildlife.

Hold On!

Created by • Dana Allen
Curated Jul 14, 2016 • by Safarious
A pair of Redbilled Oxpeckers (Buphagus erythrorhynchus) hang on tight as their ride moves deeper into the bush.

Desert Ballet

Created by • Dana Allen
Curated Jul 11, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Photographer Dana Allen has a unique ability to capture a place in the most mesmerising of ways. Here, a performance frozen in time, as the petrified Camelthorn Trees (Vachellia erioloba) seem to take on the shape of figurines cast in graceful positions. In the Dead Vlei, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia.

Yanbaru, Forests of the North - Teaser

Created by • Mark Thorpe
Curated Jul 11, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
This is the teaser trailer for the soon to be completed series of short wildlife films that intrepid Safarian Mark Thorpe recently filmed in the dense jungles of Northern Okinawa in Japan, a region known as the 'Yanbaru'. What sets this apart is that he filmed everything in this, apart from the underwater and risky elements such as snake strikes, with an iPhone6S+! Watch on Safarious now!

It’s In the Wind…

Created by • Dana Allen
Curated Jul 07, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
An alert lioness (Panthera leo) scents the breeze while her young cub looks on.

Runnin’ with the Pack…

Created by • Dana Allen
Curated Jul 06, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Another incredible image by Photographer Dana Allen, A pack of endangered Wild Dogs (Lycaon pictus) make haste as they cross the Kapamba River in search of an annual den site. View in big screen for the full effect!

The Healthy travel guide

Created by • Brian Nusbaum
Curated Jun 15, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
Do you travel a lot and have healthy concerns? Well, If you want to stay healthy throughout your travel, you should think of ways in which you can stay healthy before, during and after the travel experience. Here are some tips from Safarian Brian Nusbaum to help you stay in peak form whilst traveling!

Collateral Damage

Created by • Michael Lorentz
Curated Jun 14, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
Passage to Africa Partner guide Michael Lorentz and Adrian Bantich star in this dramatic rescue of a pelican that had been tangled in fishing wire.

Great Migration Update

Created by • Asilia Africa
Curated Jun 10, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
This weeks Great Migration update see's the herds move towards Grumeti. The month of June started off with a massive sighting of over 200,000 wildebeest on the Nyati Plains.

Wildlife Photo Contest 2016

Created by • Burrard-Lucas Photography
Curated Jun 06, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
Will Burrard Lucas has just announced his 2016 photo contest series and you definitely want to know about it!

The challenge of photographing a baby elephant

Created by • Alan Smith
Curated May 31, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
Photographing small elephant calves can be a challenge because the herd surrounds them when it moves and, when browsing, the mothers tend to keep their bodies between the calf and any perceived threat (such as humans in a viewing vehicle - even in a reserve where animals normally permit close encounters). Safarian Alan Smith shows how a bit of patience yields fantastic photographic results!

Uganda's 10 most sought after Birds

Created by • Gorilla Link Tours
Curated May 30, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
Uganda, is known as Africa’s premier birding destination with about 1 000 bird species. Many of these birds live only in these tropical forests and it is believed that some of the birds living in the remote forests of Uganda may not even be identified as of yet!

Feeling the Squeeze?

Created by • Mark Thorpe
Curated May 30, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
Smart devices are packing cameras with an increasing amount of punch, it is the area of smart imaging, of iPhoneography.

Galapagos – The “enchanted isles”

Created by • Michael Lorentz
Curated May 23, 2016 • by Safarious
Referred to as the “enchanted isles” by American author Herman Melville in 1854, it is easy to see how this group of islands and its unique inhabitants has filled biologists and travelers with a sense of wonder and a source of inspiration since the first human settlers arrived in 1832. For anyone interested in the natural world, The Galapagos Islands are an obvious must-see destination

It's Almost time for the Annual Game Census Safari at Ants!

Created by • WildWeb
Curated May 18, 2016 • by Safarious
The 4th of June marks the exciting day that the annual Ant Collection Game Census Safari officially kicks offs. For those who are completely hooked on Africa, there comes a time when you want experience something different, the Ants annual game census safari is just that. Find out more in their journal.

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