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Community reviews are great, but every once and a while you want to read something from a professional. Here you’ll find the best reviews of the outfitters that provide services to the wilderness community.

Wildlife Rangers - The Best and Worst Job in the World

Created by • Journeys Discovering Africa
Curated Jul 25, 2016 • by Safarious
Sitting behind a computer at a desk, it’s easy to glamourize the life of a ranger in our minds. Spending your days in the bush and experiencing wildlife encounters on a daily basis does sound pretty great! And while it definitely is a great way to spend your life, it’s also not all roses. Like any job, being a ranger comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Moonbows light up Victoria Falls

Created by • Tongabezi
Curated Jul 25, 2016 • by Safarious
Whoever said “don’t go chasing waterfalls“ has never been to the Victoria Falls. The spectacular cascade is considered the largest stretch of falling water in the world and is among the Seven Natural Wonders in the world. But very few people know to visit during the phenomenon that is known as a Moonbow or Lunar Rainbow.

Riding Wild in the Waterberg

Created by • Ant's Nest and Ant's Hill Bush Homes
Curated Jul 22, 2016 • by Safarious
Once a year at The Ant Collection, gallant riders from across the world gather to conduct a game census on horseback that is vital in order to understand what actions are necessary to achieve a balanced ecosystem in which wildlife can thrive. During the course of the week, participants also assist with the relocation of certain wild animals in order to establish new populations or to avoid culling.

Bush Spa Delights at Garonga

Created by • Garonga Safari Camp
Curated Jul 21, 2016 • by Safarious
Calming massages, scent awakening aromatherapy and relaxed reflexology sessions surrounded by wild Africa. This is what awaits guests seeking a soul-soothing experience with the help of Garonga’s sala spa. A safari bush bath or a combination of some other pamper offerings is a welcome addition to the traditional safari experience.

Guests get their hands dirty at the Ant Collection

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Jul 15, 2016 • by Safarious
The Ant Collection recently hosted their annual Game Census Safari and it was, once again, a roaring success! Traditionally, a game census is conducted by helicopter but The Ant Collection likes do things a little differently and prefer to use their trusty steeds. This is not only less disruptive to the wildlife, but also allows the guests to get involved and get their hands dirty. Guests who chose to participate were afforded various opportunities to help out, from game counting and darting, to capturing and relocating wildlife.

Fair Trade Tourism app goes live on smartphones!

Created by • Safarious
Curated Jul 14, 2016 • by Safarious
The Fair Trade Tourism App is now available for download free of charge for both tablets and now smartphones too! Find out more!

Showing off the wild dogs at Tena Tena

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Jul 07, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Tena Tena has started to gain a bit of a reputation when it comes to wild dog sightings. The dogs have been so prevalent around the camps in recent months that guests are almost guaranteed a sighting of them. Two unfortunate guests, however, were recently on their fourth return trip to the camp and still hadn’t encountered these notorious predators. Read all about their determination to find the wild dogs!

Uganda Safaris - Gorilla & Wildlife Tours

Created by • Maranatha Tours & Travel Ltd
Curated Jul 05, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Why you should choose a Gorilla Safari in the pearl of Africa!

Dining at Tongabezi is Instagram Heaven

Created by • Tongabezi
Curated Jul 05, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Virginia Woolf’s mantra, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” couldn’t ring more true than when compared with Tongabezi’s style of dining. When it comes to the human ritual of dining at the Zambian-based luxury lodge, the experience is consistently voted as a compulsive overachiever by guests. Read all about why Tongabezi is an Instagrammer's heaven!

Great Migration Update

Created by • Asilia Africa
Curated Jul 04, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Early last week we received reports from a Coastal Aviation pilot that the migration is widely spread out from the Grumeti region with some herds visible in the northern Serengeti.

How to pick a travel agent for your safari

Created by • Liquid Giraffe
Curated Jul 01, 2016 • by Safarious
Botswana! Yip, you’ve heard about it. Lonely Planet named it the place to visit in 2016. So what is it about the country that has safari enthusiasts starry eyed when they mention it?

Sail away in a traditional Zanzibar dhow

Created by • Zanzibar Watersports
Curated Jun 30, 2016 • by Safarious
Zanzibar has it all. Beautiful tropical beaches, unspoilt diving destinations, and cultural influences that stretch from Europe to Asia. They also have a plethora of sideways sailboats, traditionally known as dhows, which breathe life and old world charm in to this enchanting archipelago.

Great Migration Update

Created by • Asilia Africa
Curated Jun 29, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
This week's Migration Update started off with massive herds being spotted 16 kilometres away from Mbalageti. Read the full report and be inspired to witness this phenomenon!

5 reasons why you should go on a road trip along the Panorama Route

Created by • Drive South Africa
Curated Jun 29, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
South African frontier country is embodied and remembered in the breathtaking Panorama Route in the South African province of Mpumalanga. Nature is in abundance with rolling hills, rivers and various types of vegetation. The Panorama Route also boasts Blyde River Canyon which is one of the largest canyons in the world and possibly the greenest. Read all about this special adventure!

Happy as a wet elephant – Garonga’s new look

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Jun 29, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
Garonga Safari camp have a new look and guess what they're calling it? From sandstone red to olive green, the team at Garonga Safari Camp are calling the new camp colour ‘wet elephant’. If you’ve ever seen an elephant taking a swim or indulging in a mud bath, you’ll know just how happy they seem, and coincidentally, that’s also the general feeling at Garonga!

Surviving Luxury at Musango Safari Camp

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Jun 15, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
“Wow, while the pathway feels like you are heading to tribal council (confident that you are not going home tonight) the rooms are amazing and more like glamping than camping.” – Sheryl, TripAdvisor. The tribe has spoken! And they say, ‘relax and enjoy’ because Musango Safari Camp is hardly the place to test your survival skills.

Activities in and around Livingstone, Zambia

Created by • BushTracks Africa
Curated Jun 14, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
As Zambia’s entry to the Victoria Falls and the surrounding Zambezi region, Livingstone has something for everyone!

Walk the talk at Wolwedans Dune Camp

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Jun 10, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
“Wolwedans is more than a collection of camps – it’s ethos lies in setting an example in responsible tourism, the empowerment of its employees and its commitment to the conservation of NamibRand Nature Reserve.”

Great Migration Update

Created by • Asilia Africa
Curated Jun 10, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
This weeks Great Migration update see's the herds move towards Grumeti. The month of June started off with a massive sighting of over 200,000 wildebeest on the Nyati Plains.

Zakouma 2016 - The fairest of them all

Created by • Adrian Bantich
Curated Jun 02, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
Over the course of May 2016 Passage to Africa partner guide Adrian Bantich released numerous galleries of his three month experience in Zakouma National Park - Tchad. Within these galleries, he attempts to incorporate various themes to highlight some of the floral and faunal marvels that Zakouma holds.

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