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Bush Spa Delights at Garonga

Created by • Garonga Safari Camp
Curated Jul 21, 2016 • by Safarious
Calming massages, scent awakening aromatherapy and relaxed reflexology sessions surrounded by wild Africa. This is what awaits guests seeking a soul-soothing experience with the help of Garonga’s sala spa. A safari bush bath or a combination of some other pamper offerings is a welcome addition to the traditional safari experience.

Showing off the wild dogs at Tena Tena

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Jul 07, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Tena Tena has started to gain a bit of a reputation when it comes to wild dog sightings. The dogs have been so prevalent around the camps in recent months that guests are almost guaranteed a sighting of them. Two unfortunate guests, however, were recently on their fourth return trip to the camp and still hadn’t encountered these notorious predators. Read all about their determination to find the wild dogs!

How to pick a travel agent for your safari

Created by • Liquid Giraffe
Curated Jul 01, 2016 • by Safarious
Botswana! Yip, you’ve heard about it. Lonely Planet named it the place to visit in 2016. So what is it about the country that has safari enthusiasts starry eyed when they mention it?

Sail away in a traditional Zanzibar dhow

Created by • Zanzibar Watersports
Curated Jun 30, 2016 • by Safarious
Zanzibar has it all. Beautiful tropical beaches, unspoilt diving destinations, and cultural influences that stretch from Europe to Asia. They also have a plethora of sideways sailboats, traditionally known as dhows, which breathe life and old world charm in to this enchanting archipelago.

Ethiopia 2016 Part 1

Created by • Marco Tonoli
Curated Jun 29, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
Ethiopia. Safarian Marco Tonoli believes that there is no other travel destination in the world that offers the immense amount of historic, cultural and natural diversity that one can experience in Ethiopia. When the story of a country starts “3.8 million Years Ago”, and one continuously hears the phrases like “The rarest in the world” or, “The last place in the world to see”, as well as having a history shrouded in mystery, you know it is a story worth listening to.

5 reasons why you should go on a road trip along the Panorama Route

Created by • Drive South Africa
Curated Jun 29, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
South African frontier country is embodied and remembered in the breathtaking Panorama Route in the South African province of Mpumalanga. Nature is in abundance with rolling hills, rivers and various types of vegetation. The Panorama Route also boasts Blyde River Canyon which is one of the largest canyons in the world and possibly the greenest. Read all about this special adventure!

Surviving Luxury at Musango Safari Camp

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Jun 15, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
“Wow, while the pathway feels like you are heading to tribal council (confident that you are not going home tonight) the rooms are amazing and more like glamping than camping.” – Sheryl, TripAdvisor. The tribe has spoken! And they say, ‘relax and enjoy’ because Musango Safari Camp is hardly the place to test your survival skills.

Activities in and around Livingstone, Zambia

Created by • BushTracks Africa
Curated Jun 14, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
As Zambia’s entry to the Victoria Falls and the surrounding Zambezi region, Livingstone has something for everyone!

5 reasons a safari in Zimbabwe is worth the trip

Created by • Liquid Giraffe
Curated May 27, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
With so many destinations to go to, how should we choose our safari destinations in Africa? The wildlife rich Kruger National Park, the impressive Okavango Delta or the spectacular plains of the Serengeti – there are certainly many places to choose from when it comes to picking your next African safari destination. Liquid Giraffe explains why we should consider visiting Zimbabwe!

Thailand 2016

Created by • Giuliano Maielli
Curated May 16, 2016 • by Safarious
That Thailand is a spectacular holiday destination is no news. Whether you plan to travel up north or just to relax on a sandy beach (or both) you will not be disappointed. The People are nice and hospitable, their temples are breath-taking, the food is notoriously amazing and nature is still mostly well-preserved. Find out why you should visit Thailand and be inspired by this wonderful gallery of images.

Honeymooners Lap Up Luxury In Zambia

Created by • Tongabezi
Curated May 12, 2016 • by Safarious
“Besides choosing the person you marry, we would simply say that booking a honeymoon in Zambia, or Tongabezi in particular will be the best decision you’ve ever made.” -Honeymooners, Mike and Nicole

10 restaurant to visit during your next Garden Route road trip

Created by • Drive South Africa
Curated May 11, 2016 • by Passage To Africa
At a loss with where to eat during your next trip down the Garden Route? Drive South Africa know it's a tough decision to make so they've compiled a list of the top 10 restaurants to visit during your next Garden Route getaway!

Namibia - the place to visit for Wildlife and scenery.

Created by • paula
Curated May 09, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
As avid safari goers Safarian Paula decided to visit Namibia, a change from their usual Zambia and Zimbabwe. They were blown away by the wilderness and wildlife, it was teeming with animals at the many waterholes. Read all about her experience in her journal!

A Unique Experience with African Horseback Safaris

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Apr 11, 2016 • by Safarious
“This is safari as it should be; there are no rangers radioing each other discreet updates; no wifi, no mobile phone signal, no concrete.” Imagine spending your days exploring the bush on horseback and galloping through the Okavango Delta while spending your nights sleeping in luxury tents. This is life on a safari with African Horseback Safaris!

Fall in love with Zambia

Created by • Journeys Discovering Africa
Curated Apr 11, 2016 • by Safarious
Roses are red, violets are blue, and Zambia’s beauty may cast a love spell on you! Read all about hwy Journey's Discovering Africa fell in love with Zambia and kept this incredible country close to their hearts. Not only is it touted as the birthplace of walking safaris, but its sheer variety of landscapes, abundance of wildlife and wonderfully rich cultural heritage will leave any traveller totally smitten with the place.

Acacia Adventure images

Created by • Acacia Africa
Curated Apr 01, 2016 • by Safarious
A recent adventurer, Diego Gozer, captured some amazing shots while on tour with Acacia Africa. They have compiled a gallery consisting of a few their favourite images!

Experience paradise at Sindabezi Island

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Mar 18, 2016 • by Safarious
Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to experience an island paradise? Uniquely located on its own private isle in the Zambezi River, Sindabezi Island is the discerning traveller’s best kept secret. Everything about this luxury lodge, from its pristine natural surroundings, to its secluded open-sided chalets, oozes romance.

Desert Dwelling Elephants at Mowani Mountain Camp

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Mar 11, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
Secluded amongst the giant ochre boulders, Mowani Mountain Camp is a sanctuary within the vast plains of Namibia’s Kunene region (formerly known as Damaraland). The area boasts one of the most visually impressive yet desolate landscapes of southern Africa and while it may appear uninhabited, these rocky hills and dusty plains are home to far more wildlife than one might imagine. Read all about this incredible place and it's desert dwelling ellies.

Mkhombo Dam Magic

Created by • Cameron Appel
Curated Mar 11, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
There aren’t many hobbies that get people up as early as birding! Join Safarian Cameron Appel as he embarks on a bird-watching bonanza along with a group of birders on a regional birding trip to try and add a few special ‘lifers’ to their ever growing birding lists. Their golden destination was Mkhombo Dam, a remote birding paradise about 2 hours drive north of Johannesburg.

Un voyage à Tchad

Created by • Nicole Honegger
Curated Mar 07, 2016 • by Safarious
Take a visual journey to the middle of nowhere with Safarian Nicole Sophie, who in February this year traveled to Tchad, to spend some time in the Ennedi plateu, a vast desert with the most incredible rock formations rivaling the famous monument valley in American! Read all about Nicole's experience in Chad and be inspired to visit this unique and remarkable destination.

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