Curious about a bush camp in Zambia? What about that luxury resort in Tanzania? If they’re not on Safarious, we’ve had a member that’s been there and reviewed it and the odds are it will be featured here sooner-than-later.

Love in the Dry Season

Created by • Wart
Curated Sep 30, 2016 • by Safarious
A bittersweet story about Horatio the hippo - "As was the law of the hippos, in the beginning of the dry season the dominate male Hector chose the most voluptuous female Hillary to be his mate. He left the boys to fight for the rest, but young Horatio couldn’t abide, and he battled with Hector incessantly."

The calming nature of volcanoes

Created by • Anton Crone
Curated Sep 20, 2016 • by Safarious
From the eastern rim I looked over the broad valley of the Albertine Rift and imagined our homo sapiens ancestors descending from the forests and loping across this enormous African wound. They had a long way to go before reaching the western rim, a journey fraught with danger from all manner of beasts. It might have taken them two days or more before they felt the shadow of the Ruwenzori mountains, but on my motorcycle I was able to zip down and cruise across the valley in half an hour - warp speed by comparison.

Explore the incredible La Réunion National Park

Created by • Safarious
Curated Sep 14, 2016 • by Safarious
When dreaming of a holiday in France, your imagination doesn’t usually wander to the African coast. Yet, hiding in the creases of the map to the East of Madagascar is Réunion Island; a gorgeous, mythical and astonishing extension of France.

Great Migration Update - 25 July 2016

Created by • Asilia Africa
Curated Jul 26, 2016 • by Clare Townsend
It was all action at the Mara River's main crossing point last week as the migratory herds came up against a few predator encounters. The week started off with a unsuspecting zebra falling prey to a Nile crocodile.We also received reports of a lioness from the Paradise pride taking down a wildebeest just outside the main crossing point. As we move into August, which is generally the best time to view the wildebeest migration crossings. If you're heading to the Mara River, make sure you stay hydrated as is a hot and humid month as the dry season reaching its peak.

Yanbaru, Forests of the North. - Ep.1

Created by • Mark Thorpe
Curated Jul 25, 2016 • by Safarious
Filming exclusively with an iPhone6S Plus and the odd cameo use of a GoProHero4 'Stunt Cam' for underwater and snake strike sequences Safarian Mark Thorpe recently headed to the forested Northern areas of the island of Okinawa in Japan.

Moonbows light up Victoria Falls

Created by • Tongabezi
Curated Jul 25, 2016 • by Safarious
Whoever said “don’t go chasing waterfalls“ has never been to the Victoria Falls. The spectacular cascade is considered the largest stretch of falling water in the world and is among the Seven Natural Wonders in the world. But very few people know to visit during the phenomenon that is known as a Moonbow or Lunar Rainbow.

Riding Wild in the Waterberg

Created by • Ant's Nest and Ant's Hill Bush Homes
Curated Jul 22, 2016 • by Safarious
Once a year at The Ant Collection, gallant riders from across the world gather to conduct a game census on horseback that is vital in order to understand what actions are necessary to achieve a balanced ecosystem in which wildlife can thrive. During the course of the week, participants also assist with the relocation of certain wild animals in order to establish new populations or to avoid culling.

Clout's Wood Nature Reserve

Created by • Jenny Grewal - Mythic Hippo Photography
Curated Jul 22, 2016 • by Safarious
A visit to one of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's nature reserves, complete with birds, bugs and butterflies!

Great Migration Update

Created by • Asilia Africa
Curated Jul 21, 2016 • by Safarious
Late last week we received reports from Rekero Camp safari guide Onesmus Irungu that the wildebeest herds were crossing the Mara River at the Lookout Hill crossing point.

Bush Spa Delights at Garonga

Created by • Garonga Safari Camp
Curated Jul 21, 2016 • by Safarious
Calming massages, scent awakening aromatherapy and relaxed reflexology sessions surrounded by wild Africa. This is what awaits guests seeking a soul-soothing experience with the help of Garonga’s sala spa. A safari bush bath or a combination of some other pamper offerings is a welcome addition to the traditional safari experience.

Guests get their hands dirty at the Ant Collection

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Jul 15, 2016 • by Safarious
The Ant Collection recently hosted their annual Game Census Safari and it was, once again, a roaring success! Traditionally, a game census is conducted by helicopter but The Ant Collection likes do things a little differently and prefer to use their trusty steeds. This is not only less disruptive to the wildlife, but also allows the guests to get involved and get their hands dirty. Guests who chose to participate were afforded various opportunities to help out, from game counting and darting, to capturing and relocating wildlife.

South Luangwa Wildlife

Created by • Riaan Herselman
Curated Jul 15, 2016 • by Safarious
A selection of images taken in South Luangwa National Park, Mfuwe, Zambia. It Never fails to deliver!


Created by • Safarious
Curated Jul 13, 2016 • by Safarious
African Parks leads an historical elephant translocation to repopulate Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, Malawi. One of the world’s largest and most significant elephant translocations kicked off on July 3rd from within Liwonde National Park. In just one week, and as of today, 92 elephants have been successfully captured from Liwonde, transported 450 kilometers by truck, and released in Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, all within Malawi. Of the 80 individuals, six are bulls and the rest are family units made up of matriarchs and their young.

Desert Ballet

Created by • Dana Allen
Curated Jul 11, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Photographer Dana Allen has a unique ability to capture a place in the most mesmerising of ways. Here, a performance frozen in time, as the petrified Camelthorn Trees (Vachellia erioloba) seem to take on the shape of figurines cast in graceful positions. In the Dead Vlei, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia.

Yanbaru, Forests of the North - Teaser

Created by • Mark Thorpe
Curated Jul 11, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
This is the teaser trailer for the soon to be completed series of short wildlife films that intrepid Safarian Mark Thorpe recently filmed in the dense jungles of Northern Okinawa in Japan, a region known as the 'Yanbaru'. What sets this apart is that he filmed everything in this, apart from the underwater and risky elements such as snake strikes, with an iPhone6S+! Watch on Safarious now!

The largest mammal migration on earth - Kasanka, Zambia

Created by • Camilla Rhodes
Curated Jul 10, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
A few pictures from Kasanka National Park and the annual bat migration. An unreal experience!

Showing off the wild dogs at Tena Tena

Created by • Classic Safari Africa
Curated Jul 07, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Tena Tena has started to gain a bit of a reputation when it comes to wild dog sightings. The dogs have been so prevalent around the camps in recent months that guests are almost guaranteed a sighting of them. Two unfortunate guests, however, were recently on their fourth return trip to the camp and still hadn’t encountered these notorious predators. Read all about their determination to find the wild dogs!

Runnin’ with the Pack…

Created by • Dana Allen
Curated Jul 06, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Another incredible image by Photographer Dana Allen, A pack of endangered Wild Dogs (Lycaon pictus) make haste as they cross the Kapamba River in search of an annual den site. View in big screen for the full effect!

Uganda Safaris - Gorilla & Wildlife Tours

Created by • Maranatha Tours & Travel Ltd
Curated Jul 05, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Why you should choose a Gorilla Safari in the pearl of Africa!

Dining at Tongabezi is Instagram Heaven

Created by • Tongabezi
Curated Jul 05, 2016 • by Michael Lorentz
Virginia Woolf’s mantra, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” couldn’t ring more true than when compared with Tongabezi’s style of dining. When it comes to the human ritual of dining at the Zambian-based luxury lodge, the experience is consistently voted as a compulsive overachiever by guests. Read all about why Tongabezi is an Instagrammer's heaven!

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