The Simiens and Lalibela

Created by • Markus Coerlin
Curated Mar 25, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
A spectacular gallery by Markus Coerlin that will inspire you to travel and discover new places!

Safarious is proud to host the Cameras for Conservation competition for 2015

Created by • Cameras For Conservation
Curated Mar 25, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
Have you taken outstanding photos in Botswana? If you answered Yes then we have some good news for you!

California Diver Magazine: Ocean Sanctuaries Announces Two Citizen Science Shark Programs

Created by • Ocean Sanctuaries
Curated Mar 23, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
"With Spring and Sevengill shark season right around the corner, Ocean Sanctuaries has two citizen science shark monitoring programs for California divers to choose from. Read more about their programmes on Safarious

umSisi House – A Serene South African Sanctuary

Created by • Garonga Safari Camp
Curated Mar 20, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
"A beautiful house set amidst a lush garden of indigenous trees, vegetation and boulders.” - doesn't this look and sound like paradise?

Great Migration update

Created by • Asilia Africa
Curated Mar 17, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
Get the latest news from the migration herds in the Serengeti with the Asilia Africa Herd tracker!

IN2 Focus Media Presents: San Diego: Divers' Backyard

Created by • Michael Bear
Curated Mar 17, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
Experience the wonders of cold-water diving in Southern California.

Manfrotto Mammals by Simon Marlow

Created by • Simon Marlow
Curated Mar 11, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
Another fantastic entry in our Manfrotto Mammals Gallery contest! Enter now to stand a chance at winning this months prize, a Manfrotto Monopod!

Great Migration update

Created by • Asilia Africa
Curated Mar 03, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
This week Asilia Africa have something special to share with us from the team at Ubuntu Camp in the South of the Serengeti. Even though there has not been any rain around the area there are still a few groups of wildebeest calving here and there. Including a very unique sighting... read more to find out what it is!

UK Mammals

Created by • Alex Appleby
Curated Feb 27, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
An awesome entry into our Manfrotto Mammals Gallery Contest by UK Safarian Alex Appleby!

More Manfrotto Mammals!

Created by • Jon Harris
Curated Feb 27, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
This is a collection of mammal shots by Safarian Jon Harris, these images are taken from Iceland and even include some from Australia!

Anchor Rock, La Jolla ,CA

Created by • Michael Bear
Curated Feb 23, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
Anchor Rock is a popular spot for San Diego divers, accessible only by boat and shows the richness of marine life in cold-water, kelp-based ecosystems.

Feel the passion for Africa: As a solo traveller

Created by • Acacia Africa
Curated Feb 18, 2015 • by Safarious
Valentine's Day may be over but Acacia Africa tell us their 3 reasons why camping overland tours are the perfect fit for singletons who are too busy craving adventure to be in a relationship!


Created by • Shirli Jade Carswell
Curated Feb 16, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
Shirli Jade Carswell is a professional graphic designer and photographer who is passionate about Africa and the issues that face its wildlife. Shirli lives her passion for Africa, and this is clear in all aspects of her life, her photography, conceptual design and travel.

Machaba’s Green Season on the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Created by • Classic Safari Camps of Africa
Curated Feb 16, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
Machaba camp is obsessed with green during this season in the Okavango Delta. It is the most glorious time of year in their Botswana domain and the wilderness is simply oozing with life.

Winners announced!

Created by • Burrard-Lucas Photography
Curated Feb 09, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
The winners have been announced for the Burrard Lucas competition! Congratulations to Felix Reinders, Corin James Dimopoulos and Rick Collins, and well done to everyone who entered!

Hyaena Pups

Created by • Josh Iremonger
Curated Feb 04, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
Boatloads of adorable-ness! A great gallery by Passage to Africa Partner Guide Josh Iremonger.

Curiosity Ends in Fatality

Created by • Roel van Muiden
Curated Feb 02, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
An unusual, sad, yet epic sighting from last night's Game Drive. A new baby zebra got stuck in the mud at one of the dams and was unable to get out. This rhino found the baby zebra and out of curiosity picked it up out of the mud with it's horn... click into the post to find out what transpired.

Mojave National Preserve, California, USA

Created by • tom lowe
Curated Jan 28, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
A beautiful and inspiring gallery of images from the Mojave National Preserve in California!

Zebras chase off cheeky cheetahs in amazing video

Created by • Big5 Boutique
Curated Jan 26, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
Who do you think would come off best between a herd of Zebra and two cheetahs? Watch this amazing encounter between the two species and be amazed as stripes trump spots in a once in a lifetime encounter!

Wildlife of Australia

Created by • Bret Charman
Curated Jan 26, 2015 • by Clare Townsend
Australia is home to a plethora of different wildlife species, from Kangaroo's to Kuala's Safarian Brett Charman captures a few of these unique creatures for our viewing pleasure!

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